This is my MEMORIAL work at Wako Kokusai HS in 1988 - 2005.

Our Participation in On-Line Projects  (Japanese)

Our students participate in on-line projects on the Internet so as to develop further motivation and skills to communicate with young people in the world. As for this school year 2004-2005, our projects are the following two and since 1995-19"96 we have been working on the first one "Virtual Classroom Contest" organized AT&T. We have already joined again in 2005 -2006 Project! 

  1. Virtual Classroom Contest
    1. Record in 1996
    2. Record in 1997
    3. Record in 1998
    4. Record in 1999 (We were VC12,VC15,VC17&VC61)
    5. Participation 2005  Class1-5(GVC05-17, Partner is USA, Belgium : GVC05-18, Partner is USA, Mexico )  Class1-6(GVC05-14,
      Partner is USA, ITALY : GVC05-15, Partner is USA, Australia )
      The Global Virtual Classroom Contest Web Page

  2. US/Japan SchoolLink Project

  3. "US/Japan SchoolLink Project" is designed to enhance understanding between Japanese schools and US schools, especially ones in New York City. The program is coordinated by Dr.Sheila Gersh, professor at the City College of New York. We met her on the Internet. and she visited our school three times with groups of teachers from New York public schools. In 1997, she started this project on the Internet replacing her seminar trip to Japan.

    One of our classes in the first grade participate in the project and has been working since October.

    US/Japan SchoolLink Project Web Site

  4. Dream School Project
  5.  (Multi Points Connection Video Conference)

    "Dream School Project" is designed to create a peaceful & hopeful school with big communication through internet & Video Conference (LIVE). Jearn have been organizing this project and they have a lot of other projects to exchange culture.
    We participated in the below:

    Session Theme Date (our web page linked)
    5th Video Conference Folk tale Theater May 20th, 2005
    4th Video Conference Peace through Poetry May 21st, 2004
    3rd Video Conference Our story of Harry Potter May 23rd, 2003
    2nd Video Conference Dream School Songs May 17th, 2002
    1st Video Conference   (No Participation)

  6.  Chopsticks and Forks Project

    Calss1-6 (2002 school year) had collaboration with students at Von Steuben HS. Chicago, USA.  They could shared much teenager's culture each other through e-mail exchange and video conference.

    1st video conference on December 20, 2002 (Webpage of Chicago) /  2nd video conference on March 20, 2003(Webpage of Chicago) / 3rd video conference on Nov. 21, 2003(Webpage of Chicago)

  7.  Around the World Project

    Calss1-5(10th grade in USA) participated the Around the World Project of Students at Passaic Valley High School, New Jersey.  Passaic Valley was making the ISDN calls to each of the 15 locations. They were also prepare 5 questions in advance to be the basis for discussion between the schools.
    Countries of Participants were Great Britain, Romania, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia,
    Japan (Wako Kokusai HS), Hong Kong,
    India, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Germany, Israel

    Web Page of Our Story on May 21, 2003

  8. Peace Through Poetry Project

    It is one of iEARN projects and Von Steuben HS. Chicago, USA have planed and invited to join schools all over the world. In our school, 240 students in six computer classes for 10th graders are participating now. We are eager for them to build up a great peaceful world on our planet through this project.

    Feb. 2004, all (1-1,1-2,1-3,1-4,1-5,1-6)  classes has already completed their work. See their wish for Peace.

  9. The Global Classroom Connection Project  (Local Newspaper Reported, Image written by Japanese) -----> Participation 2005 : 4 classes will join again. (Other 2 classes have already joined the Global Virtual Classroom Contest, Last 2 classes did not decide anything yet)

    The mission of the Global Classroom Connection is to bring the experience of direct personal communication with people from other parts of our world to as many students in the world as possible. We intend to accomplish this goal through classroom based interactive relationships using shared Web sites.

    2005 School Year :
    Dec. 2005, 4 classes (1-1,1-2,1-3,1-4)  classes have participated in and they made their web site for each partner class. For Next School Year, April, 2006 - March 2007,  We will try to join the GCC again and we hope to have a bigger Culture Exchange than this time.

    Participated Class
    Partner Class
    Junior HS, USA
    Mills HS, USA
    Mills HS, USA
    High School, Thailand

    2004 School year :
    Oct. 2004, all (1-1,1-2,1-3,1-4,1-5,1-6,1-7,1-8)  classes had participated in and they made their web site for each partner class.
    Participated Class Class1-1 Class1-2 Class1-3 Class1-4 Class1-5 Class1-6 Class1-7 Class1-8
    Partner Class Kanchanaburi, Thailand Aragon HS, USA Aragon HS, USA Phayao, Thailand Patana INHS, Thailand Phayao, Thailand Mills HS, USA Mills HS, USA