Around the World Project

At 8:55am - 9:40am  May 21, 2003
(EST 7:55am - 8:40am May 20)

Participant class : 1-5(1st grade of foreign Language course) (Japanese)

Calss1-5(10th grade in USA) participated the Around the World Project of Students from Passaic Valley High School, New Jersey, It was linking up to schools starting May 20, 8am EST and running through May 21, 8am EST.  Passaic Valley was making the ISDN calls to each of the 15 locations. They were also prepare 5 questions in advance to be the basis for discussion between the schools. Each conference  lasted  for approximately 1 hour.
Countries of Participants were Great Britain, Romania, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia,
Japan (Wako Kokusai HS), Hong Kong,
India, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Germany, Israel

Story: USA called us at 8:55am and our line was connected. Their "kon-nichiwa(hello)" jumped into our side suddenly and we were surprised a little bit. Soon we say back "kon-nichiwa" and Video Conference was started. Our audio setting was not good and it made big noise and hauling in the beginning., we were asked to set up again from America several times.  Our students were also very nervous and spoke in a low voice. Of course,  we received  some messages "speak loudly" from another side. We could not listen clearly and not understand American students speaking too, because they spoke English not loudly and naturally. Our discussion did not go ahead and only the silence was kept for a few minutes.

A ring broke the air, USA tec-person called us directly and he gave us some tips and it became to have better and better communication each other. It was too bad that here came times up in 15 minutes. We asked to meet them again with waving SAYONARA.

Our conference was as follow;
(1) Greeting (kon-nichiwa)
(2) Self-introduce of  Passaic Valley High School by Video
(3) Self-introduce of Wako Kokusai High School by two boys (Saitama Prefecture, school, singing school song)
(4) Answer Questions to America and discussed about them

1) What do you do for fun? (sports, hobbies, other recreation)
2) How would you describe a typical American?
3) In your view, what is America’s role in the world?
4) What misconceptions do you think exist about your country?
5) What do you think is the biggest problem facing the world today and how can we solve it?
(5) Ending (All students came together and said good-by with waving)