The 3rd Video Conference on November 20th/21st, 2003

We had the third Video Conference with Von Steuben HS in Chicago, USA  at 7:30 - 8:30 on November 21st Japan time, at 16:30 - 17:30 on November 20th Chicago time.

It was planed in May. But Chicago took SUMMER TIME and the time difference became to be one hour bigger and it was too hard for both of students to come up to school and go back home So we decided to have this video conference in November.

Class1-6 takes The "Chopsticks & Forks" project which class1-6, 2002 worked, and have been exchanging e-mails with their partner since October. They had introduction with face to face and voice to voice this time.

At 7:20, it was ringing from Chicago and succeeded to connect. There are no students at Chicago side, and here are a few boy students. After teachers' greeting, our students began to talk to Chicago teacher. At 7:30, both of students came together at room and started the Video Conference.

(Takashi, student leader emailed teachers at Chicago before this and he discussed and decided what we did in conference)

1) Self-Introduction by class1-6

Each student with card written own name and partner's name stood in front of camera group by group and they saw their partners on the screen. (That was a moment of getting tense , but also getting impression) They were waving big (and threw kiss) partner to partner, but they were disappointed when their partner was absent on both side.

2) Self-Introduction by Chicago students

They had a presentation and showed us, beautiful yard, cafeteria, library, computer lab and some classes. It  was a good job for us to understand their school. Next, some students showed something good, music CD, train and bus card, ID card, bag of MacDonald, brand new buck and so on.

3) Questions and Answers

They had many questions each other about daily life, school time, students number, time to get up, music and so on. It was a time for them to admire, laugh with big mouth and be perplexed little bit on each Question and Answer.

4) Sayonara

All students of class1-6 sang our school song with hand clap, All students of Chicago said together "SAYONARA" and both of students were waving big made it finish.

Our friends at Chicago,  thank you for wonderful meet and see you again!!