Wako Kokusai High School

Virtual Classroom on the Net 1998

This page is for Norio Sugimoto and his students who are participating in the project "Virtual Classroom on the Net" organized by AT&T Jens. The teacher and the students will exchange inforamation and opinions with their partner schools from abroad and work together to reach the goal they set before them.
We did not get Grand Prize or something this contest, but we have a great experience and job with our partners through chatting, e-mail and bulletin board on web site. Espcially students' leaders of each team were very excellent to take responsibility for thier job and we gave big praise to them.

The partner schools:

VC-26(Calss 1-6 A)

VC-89(Class 1-5)

VC-97(Class 1-6 B)

Please send your commnets to:
E-mail Address: sugimoto@wakoku-h.ed.jp