This is the MEMORIAL work, I had joined, at Wako Kokusai HS in 1988 - 2005.



One of the main educational objectives of our school is to promote international understading education so that students can live together with people in the other parts of this inter-dependent world. For this reason, we started the summer exchange program with Mark Morris High School's Japanese Language Class in Longview, Washington, U.S.A. in1987, the year in which our school was founded. Since then, the program has been an indespensable element of our education, and offered good opportunities to widen students' views of the world.

In 1996, as we celebrated the school's tenth anniversary, we started another exchange with Biloela State High School of Queensland, Australia, in the hope that the students could meet more people and further widen ther view.

Both programs are carried out as part of the "InterLinks" project that Saitama prefecture supports for high school students in the prefecture.

We also make efforts to give our studenets as many opportunities to meet people from abroad. Therefore, everyone interested in our school will be welcomed to visit these places.

Mark Morris High School (USA)

Biloela State High School (Australia)

St Paul High School (Australia)

Hillcrest Christian College (Australia)    (Culture Exchange and Homestay Program, 2005 BBS, Trip Journal)

Ombrosa School (France)

Freemont School District (USA)

Punahou School (USA)  ------->  See our Story

Aragon High school (USA)

MIlls High School (USA) ------->  See our Story

Tyu-zan High School (South Korea)

NYC students (USA)

Other International Contacts

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