What's the Dream School Project??

Dream School Project2005, 2004, 2003 & 2002 -a World simultaneous multi-point connection teleconference
2005 The session was held as"Dream School Theater"of iERAN.
Participants fostered mutual cultural understanding through performances concerning traditions and folklores
Due to the scheduling problem,there were only few schools this time.
We may heve another session in November
(Link to scenes of Dream School Project Session,2005/5/20,Japan)
2004 The session was held as the finishing part of iEARN`s "Peace through Poetry Project,2003-2004".
Participant students appealed the importance of world peace by presenting original poems
(2LInk to scenes of Dream Schook Priject Session,2004/5/21 Japan)
2003 The session was held under the theme of"A Sepuel of Harry Potter"
Schools from Bulgaria"USA(Chicago and Miami)" Australia,Ukraine, South Africa, Japan (Wako kokusai and Kansei gakuin), and Taiwan joined this year However Bulgaria,Ukraine,and Taiwan were not well connected on line.
THey participated only in the mailinga list and on the BBS.
2002 The session was held as t"the Second Teleconference of iEARN Dream School Project,".Bulgaria,USA,Australia,Ukraine,Armenia and Japan(the 3rd year students of the Foreign Language Cource of Wako Kokusai)perticipated.
They showed each other dramatized stories making use of cokors, sound and actions.Link to scenes of Dream School Project Session,2002/5/17Japan

We are four students of Wako Kokusai high school
We chose the course involving Dream School Project to experience international exchange through a telecommunication system such as ISDN and Saitama Inter-School Network.
In Dream School Project, each participating school gives a performance to show its own culture. This year schools in Florida (US), NewYork (US), and Saitama (Japan) played a dorama of atraditional story or sang songs.
We supported the Japanese participants as technical staff and enjoyed the good occasionof a real time international exchange.