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By:Dream School Project

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It was more exciting then I thought it would be. Just that is was a little dissapointing that we couldn't see or rear that well sometimes. We got to talk much longer then before, and it was a good experience to me.

I had a good time in this project. I felt so intersting and I have intersted in dream school project.I think the image is bad, but I think feelings run each other. I want to join again.

I've experienced such this TV conference about 5 times, but I only want to say its fun, In this school, we have own adressesand everytime, I can send e-mail to abroad, but it's only words to words. By to enjoy speaking favorite language, English from my mouth, my hope to go abroad become stronger than before. I've never felt this feeling that to send my massege to people is really wonderful. My network is exploding how by such this event, but also I can make more friends in this school, it's nice too.

I was surprised because we were really connected with overseas by TV.  It was sorry that I couldn't understand what they said, but I was happy that they may have understood our skit.  I think it's better to use good image.  I'd like to join such project again, if I have another chance.  Thank you very much for your helping.

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