Wako Kokusai High School  <------------> Hillcrest Christian College
Tue. August 9th

6:50 We just returned back and all is well.

At the first of all, we have to say "Thank you very much for all people in Hillcrest Christian College and Host Families". We keep your Big, and Warm kindness for us in our heart forever. We also hope we can see you again someday!

Dear Family of Wakoku students, we are home now. All of us really appreciated your support for all thing.  Please be proud of your son/daughter.

* Thank you for having been seeing US. (By Norio Sugimoto, teacher)

Technique Information of Daily Update on the Web page,  By Norio Sugimoto at Wako Kokusai HS.

Photo at Left  Dialup + modem + roaming service, iPass by Yahoo BB Japan / Charged by time using
Photo at Right  Cell phone + USB cable + roaming service, World Wing by Docomo Japan / Charged by packet using
Preparation Required the contract of both Roaming service the above. And also downloaded software, installed and set them up for all before departure.
How to Use I felt the World Wing (Cell phone) is faster than iPass(Dialup) on connection speed. But I usually used iPass to update web page because it is cheaper to upload much image data. It's transmit rate is around 32kbps depends on condition. About World Wing using, including iMode, it needs to select the Tele company to match at local place, but it is very convenience to connect and update at anywhere.