Wako Kokusai High School  <------------> Hillcrest Christian College
Mon, August 8th

Sayonara my family -----> Sydney

8:45 am  All students came to school and they were well. But They did not want to leave their "Families" really.
9:10 am  Left for Brisbane Air Port, Sayonara all Families and Hillcrest Christian College
@ Highway was jammed by cars and we had been worried not to get on our flight.
10:30 am  Arrived Brisbane Air Port and Got through Checking in just on time.
11:10 am  Left for Sydney by QF521
12:40 pm  Arrived Sydney Air Port ----> Lunch, Sightseeing and Shopping
@  After seeing the Opera House, Enjoyed Shopping at downtown.
20:00 pm  Got back to Sydney Air Port
(Students are enjoying Shopping again here, spending all time until Departure)
21:00 pm  Updated this web page through Cell phone + Roaming service + Laptop PC
22:15 pm  (We are going to depart by QF21)

Students' warm comments at Sydney Air Port

We are at Sydney Air Port now and going to leave for Japan soon. Every body did good job.  By Yuichirou

Two weeks passed away so fast and I do not want to go back and want to stay forever. BY Nozomi with smile

I have new family here. By Yuka

I will return some day and I love all of you. By Takuma

I'm already an Australian  By Keiko with smile.

I love Tracy, mama and Steve, papa very much and I will come back to you soon. By Tomomi

Hello I'm "Chihiro=Chocolate=NEILSON" By Chihiro with smile

BIG BROTHER  PAPA  HOME  and  AWAY  LOST  BY Ai, Keiko, Nozomi

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