Wako Kokusai High School  <------------> Hillcrest Christian College
Thu. August 4th

It was the Sports day at Hillcrest Christian College today. All students including Wakoku students wore sports uniform to come to school.
After 2nd period, All secondary students came  into the Theater for Assembly. Mr. Hayward, vice-principal gave much attention for daily school life and sports day. And them students went away each sports place, some groups were taken by school bus and Coach.

In afternoon, Wakoku students had Mrs. Kenway's lessen about Aboriginal Art at 3rd and 4th period. It is very important thing for Australia to have all students learn Aboriginal History and Culture. Our students also studied them seriously. Another thing, one of elementary class had A Pajama Day today and very cute pajama kids came to school with their parent. They were seemed to be just from bed. We were surprised with it.
Note : Hillcrest is the school which has all students at from Kindergarten  to High School.

We heard it is the Jeans Day tomorrow.
Students can wear Jeans to come to school with school jacket and they need to donate something. We can not wait for What happen tomorrow.

Note : About Sports Day, there were four kinds of sports, Volley Ball, Touch football, Tennis and Soccer. I went to see Volley Ball with my 18 students.

Question : What is this?  (Lunch Box is )

Am I cute in Pajama?

Assembly : Students Keep in Uniform, Keep clean!

No change shoes on the floor of Gym

Come On! (Volley Ball)

Let's Go! ( Girls team VS Boys team )

Show "Peace" with smilig at Gym

My Treasure "Tamagotti "

We will go back home together right now