Wako Kokusai High School  <------------> Hillcrest Christian College
Tue. August 2nd

Events day!

1 Debate on 1st and 2nd period
 Theme : What's Peace?, Do you get married?
2 Morning Tea Time
 No time to eat because of changing  to YUKATA kimono
3 Presentation for Elementary students on 3rd and 4th perod. Singing Shima-uta & School song, Dancing Matsu-ken sanba, Showing KENDO
4 Having lunch in hurry because of re-wearing and packing YUKATA

5 Visiting the Retirement Village / Nursing Home. Singing, Showing KENDO and Folding paper "ORIGAMI"

Today, just one week has passed since our departure from Japan. It will be the day that students become to be tired by unused life and  been nervous.  By that, maybe, two students felt bad, one stayed with Host mam all day and she will come to us in well tomorrow morning.  Another did not participate in any events, in just looking.  It is very important for students to ask what to need, tell own health condition to Host family and teachers very correctly. They are becoming to tell their request to Host family day by day. Of course they also ask questions and what they should to do frankly to teachers. We are very proud of what our students did all things today. They were sure to do their BEST and be filled their Kindness. inn all time. Thank you very much, WAKOKU students!
(Wakoku is our school nick name)

YUKATA is Cute!  We are very popular!

What's Peace? My idea with hand using

We should get married! (Affirmative team)

Shima-Uta. Singing out the sad song beautiful

Kids beatwd time with their hands

Big hands to the Brilliant dance

Big cheer to Samurai performance

Let's dance with Elementary Kids

At Retirement Nursing Home

Gift of Singing

Big hands to Samurai

Talking & Touching with Origami

Wakoku Students touched

Old Ladies and Gentlemen with kindness.

and then They smiled naturally

also Tears in Both I saw.